Public Outreach

ZANN provides significant public-information expertise for large infrastructure projects, with a specialty in transit and transportation-related projects. Your customized public outreach plan may include these facets:

  • Develop outreach strategies
  • Develop a stakeholder matrix to identify the various groups that will be impacted at every stage of the project
  • Canvass neighborhoods to inform homeowners and business owners, meeting with HOAs, meet with area business groups, etc.
  • Design open house events and represent your organization
  • Create and develop walking tours with historical information to engage the community
  • Design and facilitate roundtable forums to engage major stakeholders
  • Develop and write newsletters and manage distribution
  • Write and disseminate stakeholder-specific communication
  • Ensure topics are interesting and compelling (e.g., profile a small business, intern, or board member on the project)
  • Develop presentations and key messages
  • Represent your organization at public meetings and hearings
  • Solicit public comments, compile, and distill for your organization’s leaders
  • Organize public grand openings with ribbon-cutting presentation, entertainment, and a celebratory atmosphere

With ZANN you can be assured that your transit or transportation project’s public outreach efforts will inform the public, engage relevant stakeholders, and be positive and impactful.