To create and implement a truly effective D/S/M/WBE/ACDBE program, ZANN will develop a customized, comprehensive plan that includes:

  • Outreach strategies and tactics
  • Develop and implement outreach activities including open houses, advertisements, creating websites, and more

Procurement of small businesses

  • Utilize Zann & Associates’ proprietary Promotion to Prime program to identify small businesses eligible to “prime” or work as first-tier subcontractors
  • Unbundle bid packages to target smaller, yet meaningful work scopes
  • Ensure meaningful participation

D/S/M/WBE/ACDBE compliance monitoring and reporting

  • Ensure the procurement process is transparent
  • Verify the small business certification
  • Ensure contract monitoring tracking and forms completion are in compliance with reporting requirements

Supportive services for small businesses

  • Provide education and resources regarding bonding, insurance, certification, and financial assistance (e.g., mobilize funds for working capital or equipment purchases)
  • Share guidelines for prompt payment
  • Debrief with constructive feedback for small businesses that don’t win the bid to help them improve and assure future success

Capacity building for small businesses

  • Create protégé mentoring programs
  • Develop and provide “Promotion to Prime” programs
  • Offer technical assistance workshops

Community, stakeholder, and legacy partnerships

  • Create a strategic plan to leverage the community investment and leave a larger footprint in the community
  • Develop and implement strategies, which may include service/volunteer days, high school or college internships, and innovative ideas to leverage your small business program to in the community

Cross-cultural competence

  • Conduct trainings and workshops, as necessary
  • Provide individual assessments and coaching, as necessary

ZANN will team with your corporation or private/public partnership to develop and optimize programs to hire minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, and small businesses. ZANN will ensure you can contract with small businesses and that they will have targeted, meaningful opportunities to work on your project.