Build a bench of better informed, financially savvy and stable, diverse small businesses.

Great communities are built by strong businesses of all sizes, from all sectors. CapBuild™ works with owners to ensure that diverse small businesses engaged in public sector projects are profitable and stable now, and are prepared for the future.

When owners collaborate with CapBuild™, they build company capability, promote financial capacity, and create scalable business growth that affirms prosperity.

The CapBuild™ collaborative process begins when owners identify the project scope, contract values, bid schedule, and opportunities for supportive services nine months to one year prior to notice to proceed.

The CapBuild™ team personalizes a unique program to capture project milestones and integral needs that trade partners should be prepared to meet.

CapBuild™ provides ongoing guidance to ensure participating trade partners also receive bonding support and are managing contracts in a manner that leads to successful performance, sound financial practices, and profitability.


CapBuild™ uses IBM Planning Analytics to track the progress of program participants from introductory workshop through funding, cohort training acceptance, bidding, and contracting. Planning Analytics is also used as a project management tool. Key parties can log in to their respective portal to share and view critical program metrics and updates.

Owners receive monthly reports that identify businesses in the pipeline by discipline, matriculation in the program, and successful acquisition of financing for the project.

Owners can create reports on their own queries.

Steps to Create Scalable Small Business Growth



Introductory two-hour workshop introducing CapBuild™ program requirements


One-on-One Capacity Assessment

Conduct Capacity Assessment to determine each participant’s needs


Refer to Resources

Refer to bonding resources, credit repair, back office support, and other supportive services


Capital Sourcing

Make recommendations for loan packaging and placement



Provide tracking, servicing, and facilitation to ensure loan repayment

Photo by James W. Jenson Photography