CapBuild™ provides innovative capital sourcing options to scale up to meet mega project benchmarks.

As a participant in the CapBuild™ program, you will experience comprehensive curriculum and training workshops to enhance your understanding of strategies and requirements to acquire financing and bonding.

Once assessed, diverse small businesses are then connected with a pool of more than 30 lending institutions for:

Our process starts well in advance of announcement of public projects – helping diverse small businesses become financially positioned to compete for contracts.

Our experts keep the path clear, address tough questions, and mentor companies to build financial capacity.

To keep you moving forward we provide ongoing coaching, mentoring, monitoring, back office support, and guidance to improve credit scores.

CapBuild™ Program



The CapBuild™ program begins with a two-hour “Build Your Financial Capacity” workshop to introduce participants to the program’s requirements, followed by a one-on-one session with a financial expert.


One-on-One Capacity Assessment

CapBuild™ experts assess participant’s capacity to pre-qualify diverse small businesses for the loan packaging application process. Firms that do not qualify have access to back-office support to build capacity.


Business Coaching

Diverse small businesses receive financial training and mentorship to enhance their understanding of requirements and strategies to acquire financing and bonding.


Credit Repair

If work is needed to get diverse small businesses to loan readiness, CapBuild™ will guide them as they take the steps necessary to make that happen.


Facilitate Loan Application

CapBuild™ financial experts make recommendations to diverse small businesses for loan packaging and placement.


Connect to Contract Opportunities

CapBuild™ collaborates with contractors and owners to ensure certified firms are aware of upcoming bidding opportunities.

Register for the next CapBuild™ two-hour orientation to learn the fundamentals of building financial capacity. You will also be introduced to the CapBuild™ program requirements. Participation in the workshop is a necessary first step in the CapBuild™ program.

After completion of the workshop, your CapBuild™ advisor will conduct a thorough capacity assessment to determine if your business is ready to apply for financing. You will be categorized into Tier 1, 2 or 3.


Tier 1

Ready for financing

Tier 2

If assistance with credit repair and ensuring tax returns are current is needed, you will be placed in Tier 2

Tier 3

If structural organizational changes and in-depth business coaching are required, you will be placed in Tier 3